Grove City Rotary Club Members:

Marlane Bartels – Service Management/Retired
Robin Carl – Business Owner
Kim Conrad – Director of Parks and Recreation
Sue Corbin – Property Management
John Dubos – Dentist
Shane Farnsworth – Government
Jim Gillespie – Funeral Directing
Cheryl Grossman – Government
Allen Houk – Certified Public Accountant
Greg Hritz – Technology Consultant
Timothy Keck – Partner/Attorney
Beverly Killian – Retired
Chris Killian – Counseling Services
Christopher Love – Chiropractor
Kevin Lutz – Medical/Administrator
Chris Moscato – Senior Project Manager
Ronnie McClure – Financial Advisor
Charlene McFarland – Branch Manager
James McKean – Law Enforcement/Retired
Scott Molino – Insurance
Brenda Newman – Commercial Real Estate
Jim Rauck – Trustee, Jackson Township
Dave Roasa — Residential Real Estate
Jan Roasa – Patient Care Resource/Retired
Steven Robinette – Pet Care, City Council
Andrea Russell-Mann – Investment Advisor/Retired
Joe Shortridge - Local Business Owner
Lawrence Titus – Owner/Entrepreneur
Mary Titus – Professional Counselor
Bernadine Wallace – Building Management
Doug Wallace – Medicine, Family Practice
Jerad Wood – Community Services
Chris Wright – Graphic Design/ Commercial Printer